Influence is power.

What do you need to lead well in today’s competitive work environment? If you think it’s a coercive, “power over” style of leadership, think again. Influence Starts with “I”: A Womans Guide for Unleashing the Power of Leading from Within and Effecting Change Around You outlines how to be a more effective leader by tapping into the authentic ‘I’ within you to cultivate “power with” others and effect change around you.

Influence skills are important ingredients to effective leadership in today’s complex organizations and institutions. In this book, I provide you with a guide for developing the personal side of your leadership. My latest book will help you to

  • Identify your leadership purpose
  • Develop an influence mindset
  • Use your power strategically
  • Negotiate gender barriers
  • Build your support system, and more

In this book, I provide you with reflective exercises and questions that help you to readily apply what you’ve learned and build your plan for growth. If you are an existing or emerging woman leader, you need to carve out the space and time to do the inner work on you leadership. Whether you work in a corporate setting or a nonprofit organization, you have what it takes to lead from within and influence positive change around you.

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Jeanne Porter King



“Dr. Jeanne Porter King leverages her deep knowledge of business processes and effective leadership to guide the reader through understanding the power of influence and providing a path to achieve it.”

CONNIE LINDSEY, Executive Vice President, Northern Trust

“Jeanne Porter King shows women leaders how to lead from within to make a positive impact on others, so they can shape positive changes and gain commitment. I highly recommend Jeanne’s book to anyone who wants to learn how to amass the interpersonal and social capital needed to achieve success. Take this book on a personal retreat and carve out the time to do the inner work on your leadership!”

LAURA STACK, Founder & CEO, Leadership USA, INC.

“Influence Starts with “I” is part manifesto, part inspiration, part instruction manual, and part masterclass. For women (and men who want to understand and support women) who want to realize the full potential of their true purpose and talents, this book is required reading.”

DR. DEBBYE TURNER BELL, CEO and Founder Debbye Turner Bell Consulting, Miss America 1990


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