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That’s What She Said! 366 Leadership Quotes By Women

That’s What She Said: 366 Leadership Quotes by Women is truly for anyone who leads. Anyone. Taking quotes from speeches and books, interviews and articles, conversations and notes, leadership development expert Dr. Jeanne Porter King has compiled a volume that both women and men, seasoned leaders and aspiring leaders alike, can find empowering as they strive to lead effectively and help others grow. This book highlights the wisdom of corporate CEOs, first ladies, prime ministers, civic leaders, business owners, ministry leaders, authors, poets, actresses, singers, activists, screenwriters, and some fictional characters that lead. There’s a quote for every day of the year, including a leap year. And the quotes are arranged in categories such as courageous leadership, authentic leadership, and power-full leadership to name a few. Not your typical quote book, That’s What She Said also features a bio for every woman quoted and cites the sources for each quote. If you re a leader looking for a daily dose of inspiration on how to lead well, That’s What She Said will motivate you.


Pursue Your Dream

Pursue Your Dream

What’s the difference between a dreamer and a dream fulfiller?  The answer lies in listening to your soul and getting started on the dreams that are buried deep within. Whether you’ve lost sight of an old dream or are trying to make sense of a new one, Pursue Your Dream provides inspiration and insight that you can start using today to envision, take action, and bring your dream to fruition.

Pursue Your Dream Workbook
Pursue Your Dream Kindle Edition

Leading LadiesLeading Ladies: Transformative Biblical Images for Women’s Leadership

Drawing on stories of biblical women, Leading Ladies presents four models of “transformational leadership” that recognize the leadership styles of women in all walks of life: Intercessor, Midwife, Choreographer, and Weaver. Includes reflective questions for journaling or group discussion.

Leading Ladies Kindle Edition

Leading LessonsLeading Lessons: Insights on Leadership from Women of the Bible

A sequel to Leading Ladies, which explored how the Bible supports women in leadership, this volume delves deeper, providing insights into growing into leadership, leading through adversity, challenging the status quo, and seeing leadership potential in unexpected people.

Leading Lessons Kindle Edition

Building a Church Full of LeadersBuilding a Church Full of Leaders

Imagine what ministry in your church would look like if every member was serving in some way. Now imagine how effective your ministry would be if everyone served with a leader’s mind-set. This book will help pastors and ministry leaders transition from using traditional methods of moving people from the pews to service, to developing strategic and transformative systems for organizing ministry, recruitment, training, and ongoing development that aim to help church members see themselves not just as volunteers but as servants and co-laborers of ministry.

Building a Church Kindle Edition